We’re looking for prose that is founded on wit, humour, puns, absurdity and irony. Put away the sledgehammer, the cliches, the tired tropes and the nastiness.

What we won’t publish are:

  • stories that are gratuitously offensive. You know exactly what we mean, so don’t try us.
  • jokes and/or comedy routines. This is a site dedicated to longer written humour.

Hard sells will include the list below, which will no doubt grow longer with experience:

  • If you think excretion or genitalia or four-letter words are inherently funny, this is not the place for you.
  • Current political satire, including fake news.
  • Shaggy dog stories (unless they’re about shaggy dogs)
  • Snarky diatribes

Here’s some writers that I find witty:

Oscar Wilde, Sue, Townsend, Douglas Adams, Roddy Doyle, Nora Ephron, James Thurber, John Clarke, Spike Milligan, and Garrison Keillor, to name but a few.