Length: Submissions are limited to between 200 and 1000 words of prose for now. Submissions outside those guidelines will be deleted unread. Poetry, CNF, cartoons etc may follow in the future.

Format: Use a readable font. Times New Roman 12 double spaced is a guideline.

Reprints: Reprints are acceptable provided any rights have reverted to you. Include details of where your piece was previously published, date of publication and, where possible, a link.

Rights: We seek no rights but please acknowledge Witcraft as first publisher in any later publications. Please note that if we publish your story that will count as published by almost all other outlets and will rule you out of submitting to them. Just sayin’.

Simultaneous Submissions: Fine. You’d be mad not too.

Submission Fee: Not a brass razoo.

Payment: In your and my wildest dreams. This is purely a labour of love on our part.

Response Time: Our aim is to respond within 2 weeks.

How to submit: Submit via Duotrope Witcraft Submission Manager | Duosuma by Duotrope

Publication Schedule: Chosen pieces will be published weekly.