Hair today

by Lee Hammerschmidt

“Whoa! Stylin’ ‘do there, Chalk,” Bunny Bellows said as I exited the company hair salon. “Where are they sending you, 1983?”

“’82,” I said. “Got to look the part.”

“Well, you certainly do. Business up front, party in the back. You’ll blend right in with the club crowd.”

Bunny and I were agents for the Department of Inertial Cosmic Kinesis. Our job was to travel through time, monitoring various current events. Observe and report. In order to fit in for their current assignments, D.I.C.K agents were dressed and coiffed according to the current fashions. Not always a good thing.

“That’s quite the beehive you’ve got,” I said pointing at the two-foot tall, heavily shellacked cone in a color of red not found in nature. “Let me guess… 1961?”

“Bingo!” Bunny said. “You sure know your eras.”

“Yeah, I’ve been around.”

“But this style is also practical. It’s covering a new high-powered antenna that will pick up radio waves.”

That was another thing with the getups – the concealing of powerful monitoring, recording and transmission devices and equipment.

“Pretty clever,” I said. “No one will ever suspect anything under there.”

“Right?” Bunny said. “So, tell me Chalk, what’s in your mullet?”

Lee Hammerschmidt is a Visual Artist/Writer/Troubadour. He is the author of six collections of short stories and illustrations. Check out his hit parade on YouTube!

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