No Clue

by Craig R Kirchner

The mysteries and, of course, the murder, are all revealed in a parchment envelope marked Confidential, and placed beside Mr. Boddy along with his deceased wealth of knowledge in the cellar.

Professor Plum, the noted metaphysician, waistcoat, monocle, and purple bowtie, sipping sherry in the conservatory points out that we see only the tip of the iceberg and miss the berg. It’s there in the brain, filtered, unintegrated.

Colonel Mustard belting single malt, his seed larger than the kingdom of Heaven, is adjusting his gold cuff links and pocket square. He is preoccupied in the billiard room with the hiked, plaid skirt and incredible cleavage of Miss Scarlet who leans into a massé shot, reflectively pointing out that, reality only exists when it bumps into another reality. The Colonel in a whiskey rasp retorts Poppycock, balderdash, it’s all just deductive reasoning.

Mr. Green, looking pensive with a furrowed brow, is sure that matter is mostly empty, fluffed probability, more like thought than thing, and that the government knows all but refuses to tell, at least, tell this generation.

Mrs. Peacock with her fox stole and dozen bracelets is practicing saying, Good evening, in the mirror – says that she can prove who did it, if we all pour a brandy and join her in the library. She is also convinced, though she hasn’t said so out loud, that the height of arrogance is creating God in your own image.

Mrs. White arrived first, still has on her black pill-box hat and fishnet veil, is busy inspecting the table settings in the dining room, in case there is a desire to dine. She is convinced that while there is no out there, out there. independent of in here, her main concern is that no one suspects her of stealing the small shampoos and lotions.

Craig loves storytelling and the aesthetics of the paper and pen. He has been published in Decadent Review, New World Writing, Neologism, The Light Ekphrastic, Unlikely Stories, Wild Violet, Last Stanza, Unbroken, W-Poesis, The Globe Review, Your Impossible Voice, Fairfield Scribes, Spillwords, Bombfire, Ink in Thirds, Literary Heist, Blotter, Quail Bell, Yellow Mama, Ariel Chart, Flora Fiction, Young Ravens, Lit Shark, Versification, Vine Leaf Press and the Journal of Expressive Writing.

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