The front fell off

Some people have asked what I find witty, humorous, satirically superior or simply amusing. I have to say it’s pretty broad canvas and I was once described as a comedian’s dream.

One person who has easily met all of the above criteria for me over decades was the late great John Clarke, a New Zealand-born Australian satirist. I rarely use the word genius in any field but John was that in spades. I deeply miss him from my life on those days when I need reminding that the entire world is absurd.

Here is but one example, taken from the political satire interview series, ‘Clarke and Dawe’, which John and Brian Dawe screened on ABC TV for many years.

You can learn more about John here John Clarke (satirist) – Wikipedia and there is a lot of his work available on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “The front fell off”

  1. It’s good to have the question of the environment so aptly clarified. Now we know that the front will never fall off the environment…such a comfort…Thanks, Doug…very funny fellow…

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